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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Hello, my name is Anna Paskevichyan. I am a 26 year old Armenian girl, married and Mom of my sweet baby girl Isabella Paskevichyan. I also has a slight obsession with the world of Beauty and Skin. As a professional makeup Artist of  8 years, Esthetician, Microblading Tech., Eyelash Extension Tech. and Business owner of Luxy Glam Lashes LLC., I have attended several seminars, professional courses, master classes, and board tested schooling to further build my knowledge and expertise in this constant growing world of beauty. Which means, I've racked up quite the list of certifications from the industries best of the best in Sacramento and Los Angeles!

In the field of makeup, I am Certified by Amazing Makeup Artist and Teacher, Suzi Shirin also known as, Glamour by Suzi and Lilit Cardadnian, creator of Elcie Cosmetics and owner of Lilit's Makeup Studio and school in Los Angeles California. I then went on to become Certified in Makeup by Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic also very well known as Kim Kardashians Makeup Artist, Makeup by Mario. I've also had the opportunity to learn the art of eyebrows by the Brow Queen herself, Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

In 2018, during my years of being a freelance makeup artist, specializing in bridal makeup and teaching professional makeup classes full-time for PR Makeup Academy; I've decided I wanted to create something for my wonderful clients and students. That's when I partnered with my business partner and sister in law Iryna Kylyushyk, to create our very own line of false Eye Lashes and brand called Luxy Glam Lashes! Our Lashes are the most comfortable and luxurious quality of strip lashes out there. We really believe in luxurious quality over everything even our packaging is custom designed in a beautiful white and rose gold box. WE wanted nothing less than the very best for our consumers. You can read more about us and our brand on our website

After all of the amazing times I've had doing makeup, teaching the best students I could ever ask for, and co-owning a brand I've always dreamed of... I wanted more! As Im getting older, I'm finding myself reaching for more skin care products and trying to slow down the look of aging as much as I possibly can. I then decided I wanted to continue my education and go back to school. Not just any school, Esthetician school! I wanted to learn more than just makeup, I wanted to know all about skin and how it all functions in its entirety. So, I enrolled in a full-time Estheticians program as a student at Sacramentos very best, Federico Beauty Institute in Natomas, California. I am so in love with skin and now I finally know all the secretes to anti-aging and healing skin! Having the chance of working with all the different skin types in the treatment rooms at school was quite the experience! And of course, learning the science and anatomy behind it all is a definite game changer in itself. 

By now you can probably tell, I like to keep myself busy and am constantly educating myself.. so it's no surprise at all, that I took on another role as a Microblading Technician! I found the lovely Destiny Renee, an amazingly talented and well-educated Boss-lady who performs and teaches the art of Microblading semi-permanent makeup. Microblading gives women and men their confidence back when it comes to eyebrows. It is a service where tiny micro-thin hairs are manually drawn on the eyebrow area mimicking a natural hair stroke, with results lasting 1-2 years. It is perfect for those with no eyebrows, little-to-no eyebrows or for those who just want to have a fuller cleaner and better shape brow without wasting so much precious time every morning. This semi-permanent makeup is all the rave these days. I'm happy to have taken Destiny's professional training course becoming professionally certified and confident in Microblading eyebrows! 

Fast forward, to 2019. I struck yet another interest in the beauty field and that is in Eyelash Extensions! Gosh, I don't think I will ever become satisfied in my knowledge in the beauty world. I am so obsessed with Eyelash extensions you don't even know! I would get my own lashes done every now and then. When I am busier and have less time to get ready or have many events coming up, I love to get eyelash extensions done to really give me a clean and polished look without spending countless time getting ready Especially now as a new mom its a GAME CHANGER! It's so easy, you just wake up and your lashes are perfect. So based off my own experiences I had to learn this new service to add for my amazing clients! there is so many more reasons as to why this is one of my favorite services to do but I'm just so happy to have the best clients that I can spoil with everything they need to feel luxurious and confident. In other words, I am now Certified in Lash Extensions and am ready at your service!

Finally, after all of my hard work and dedication, I'm so happy to have all of this knowledge and experience under my belt to be able to offer the best of the best for my AMAZING clients!  Its so important to take care of yourself and just know that you deserve to be taken care of! just to re-cap, I now have a variety of different services to offer such as, Makeup, Microblading, Henna Brow Tinting, Facials, Lash Extensions and Eyelash products. I chose this name "Luxy Anna" because I find that in everything I do, I like to make sure my clients of all differnet ages and backgrounds feel like they can treat themselves to a luxurious service at an affordable rate. All of my services are done with the best luxurious products, tools and education behind it all. Bringing luxury to your life so you too, can "Discover Your Luxy Self!"



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Inara A
Inara A
11 de out. de 2019

Such a wonderful story and so incredible how far you have come! I love Your lashes so so much and your amazing talent with makeup. I cannot Wait to see what else you Have up your sleeve. Congrats!

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